What Are Some Tips for Landscaping a Sloped Property?


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Tips for landscaping a sloped area include constructing a retaining wall, displaying plants in individual pots or containers, and building several low walls to create leveled terraces. Other tips include creating switchback pathways, utilizing native plants to minimize hillside erosion, and using clusters of rocks and boulders to anchor unstable portions of the slope.

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Hillside landscaping presents a variety of challenges. Clearing trees from a hillside area to improve the view can damage soil integrity and speed up erosion. Planting and cultivating woody plants can protect against soil loss. Another major concern for sloped landscaping is water runoff and drainage. Water hillside plants using a drip irrigation system with a slow application rate to ensure water has enough time to penetrate to the level of roots rather than running off down the hillside.

Planting a mix of spreading plants and deep-rooted shrubs provides sloped areas with superior erosion protection and stability. Well-placed retaining walls and brick and stone paths for high-traffic areas are also very effective ways to protect soil integrity. Shrubs that have deeper root systems but may be easily trimmed or those that do not grow to great heights act to anchor the soil without interfering with the view.

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