What Are Some Tips for Kitchen Faucet Installation?


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Some tips for kitchen faucet installation include turning of the water before installing, disconnecting water supply lines before installation and removing old supply lines that connect to the faucet before installation. Another important tip is to acquire the necessary tools for installation including an adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, bucket, screwdriver and pipe cutter.

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When removing the old faucet, it is important to remember that there will most likely be mounting hardware that will need to be loosened in order for it to be removed properly without damaging the rest of the faucet. A helpful tip is to remember to use a penetrating oil and let that oil sit for several minutes before pressing against the caulk in order to remove the mounted hardware.

Another helpful tip is to take the time to determine what kind of faucet should be installed. Many people rush through this part and do not take the time to consider what their needs are when it comes to their faucet. Consider the need for a sprayer or soap dispenser, the amount of space between the holes of the faucet sprayer and whether a centerset faucet or widespread would be best.

Yet another helpful tip involves flushing the lines once the faucet has been installed. There will most likely be junk and rubbish that remains in the line. Flushing water through the lines for approximately a minute will help to clear out the lines and prepare them for use.

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