What Are Some Tips for Killing Moles on Your Property?


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Traps and baits, when placed in the mole's active tunnels, are effective methods of killing moles. Identify the longest, straightest tunnels, and place the trap or poison inside the tunnel. Cover the traps with dirt to prevent light from entering the tunnel. Body-gripping traps are the most common type of mole trap, but these traps are not legal in all states. Obtain a permit before trapping moles if one is required in your state of residence.

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To locate mole tunnels, look for mounds of freshly turned dirt, and insert the probe 12 to 18 inches into the ground near the mound. If the probe enters the soil easily or hits a void in the soil, dig up a small area to determine whether a tunnel is present.

To increase the effectiveness of traps, place multiple traps in each tunnel, and set them out during the spring and fall or when the temperatures are above freezing and the ground is moist. To conceal aboveground traps, place a bucket upside-down over the trap.

Alternately, place toxic baits designed for moles in the active tunnels, or repel the moles by broadcasting castor oil in the affected areas. Allow the soil to dry out, or install a drainage system on the property to further repel the moles.

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