What Are Some Tips for Keeping Squirrels Off Bird Feeders?


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Some tips to keep squirrels out of bird feeders are to use a baffle or to hang the feeder from a 10-foot wire. A baffle is a large, rounded plastic object that sits on top of the feeder but is not fixed to it. The squirrel is likely to climb on the baffle to gain access to the feeder below, but as the squirrel moves, the baffle rotates and wobbles, throwing the squirrel to the ground.

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If hanging the bird feeder from a long wire, it is necessary to ensure the feeder is at least eight feet away from any surface from which the squirrel could launch itself: for example, trees or fences.

Another way to keep squirrels away from the bird feeder is to provide food that is not appealing to squirrels. Safflower seed, nyjer thistle and white proso millet seed are all foods that will attract certain species of birds but not squirrels.

Certain deterrent products may cause harm to squirrels and other wildlife and, as such, are not recommended for use due to their adverse effects. One example is sticky gel placed on or nearby a bird feeder to discourage squirrels. If a bird accidentally lands in it, the gel may kill the bird.

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