What Are Some Tips for Jukebox Restoration?


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Before starting to restore a jukebox, scrutinize the piece you have obtained, and come up with an idea of what you want it to look like in the end. Think about what repairs you need to conduct, and plan them out. After that, start taking the jukebox apart, starting with the wooden panels on the outside and continuing down to the electronics and the frame of the piece.

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You may find a lot more problems in the piece that need to be fixed when taking it apart, so adjust the outline of your work accordingly. Outside panels are some of the easiest parts to restore, as you only need to make them look good. If the panels are in a good condition, remember that you can always remove old stain from the wood using sandpaper and apply new stain.

If the outside of the jukebox is made of metal, you can also sand it and coat it with spray lacquers. However, you may not be able to refinish chrome and neon tubing by yourself. You may be able to order those parts from local artisans. If the panels are in a bad condition, see if you can buy them, as many retailers sell these parts.

You may want to hire a professional to repair the electronics, as it may be very challenging to do it yourself if you have no knowledge in this area. When looking for reasons why a jukebox doesn't work, keep in mind that problems most often occur with the wiring, amplifiers, valves and capacitors.

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