What Are Some Tips for Installing Wall-to-Wall Carpeting?


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When installing wall-to-wall carpeting, clean and prep the room first. Measure the room to determine the area the carpet should cover, and add a few inches to the length and width when trimming the carpet to size. Place plywood next to the wall and baseboard to protect them while hammering in the tackless strips.

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After removing the old carpet and carpet padding, clean the subfloor, and prep the room. Measure the room, and add a few inches to the measurements when trimming the carpet to size. Note that most carpets measure 12 by 15 feet. If the width of the room is over 15 feet, the carpet has to be seamed.

When nailing the tackless strip around the room, leave a gulley of about 3/8 inches between the strip and the baseboard. Place your fingers between the strip and the wall to make sure you leave enough space.

When nailing down the strip, use at least two nails per strip, and nail around obstructions such as air vents. Invest in high-quality carpet cushion or padding to protect the carpet and your feet. When laying the carpet cushion, place it as close to the strip as possible, and staple it down after every 2 feet.

After placing the carpet on top of the carpet cushion, trim excess carpet along the edges. You can use a power stretcher to tightly pull the carpet across the floor.

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