What Are Some Tips for Installing Vinyl Soffit?


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Tips for installing vinyl soffit include securing any loose boards, shingles or panels, and ensuring eves are level prior to installation. While possessing a different profile from vinyl siding, soffit installation is the same in principle. Another tip is to nail the soffit pieces to the wood subfascia using short, small-headed trim nails.

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Remove rotting or deteriorated wooden soffits before replacing them with vinyl installation. When using a vinyl fascia cap, install the cap or coil stock first as it provides support to the outer soffit edge. Determine the volume of vinyl needed by measuring the under-eave areas and multiplying the width and length of each overhang, and then dividing the total by 100 to determine the number of squares needed. Purchasing an additional 10 percent of soffit materials should account for any miscalculations or mistakes made during installation.

Ensuring proper ventilation is of paramount concern when installing soffits. Poor ventilation may result in the formation of ice dams along eves. Interior heat escapes the attic during the winter, warming the roof surface enough to melt snow and ice that then runs down and freezes when it reaches the eves to create an ice dam. Inspecting soffit positioning during installation to ensure optimum ventilation can reduce the risk of ice build-ups.

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