What Are Some Tips for Installing Vertical Vinyl Siding?


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Tips for installing vertical vinyl siding include closely inspecting the surface of your walls, adequately preparing the surface, and refraining from driving nails too tightly into the wall surface. Following these tips ensures an attractive vertical vinyl siding surface.

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Inspect the walls of your home for surface damage from moisture, insects or other environmental effects. Covering the damage with vertical vinyl siding may hide the damage but could result in uneven installation and future structural damage. Repair the damage before proceeding with the vertical vinyl siding installation.

Remove loose caulk, and apply new caulk around windows and doors to seal these openings before installing vertical vinyl siding. Apply flashing around windows, doors and areas where the siding meets other surfaces. Apply a layer of house wrap to the walls. Install horizontal furring strips into the walls to provide a place to attach the vertical vinyl siding to the home. Shim as needed to ensure the siding hangs straight.

Install J-channels at the corners, bottom and top of the walls and around the windows and doors. Cut the vertical strips to size, allowing room for expansion. Drive nails, staples or screws into the nail slots, avoiding driving them in too tightly, so the siding can expand and contract without buckling or warping.

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