What Are Some Tips for Installing Veranda Fencing?

Some tips for installing Veranda composite or vinyl fencing include how to prepare the installation site, how to dig postholes and how to set fence posts. Builders should check local laws, neighborhood restrictions and obtain any necessary permits before beginning installation.

To prepare the area, builders should first identify and mark the location of any underground utilities to avoid damaging plumbing or wiring. Builders can place stakes six inches within the fence line and tie a rope or string to the stakes to visualize the fence placement and check for square angles at the corners. Once builders determine the exact placement, they can mark the area with spray paint, covering both the rope and ground.

Post holes should generally be 10 inches in diameter and deep enough to bury one-third of the fence post, but local building regulations for posthole depth may vary. Holes should allow for six inches of gravel beneath the post. Terminal post and gatepost holes should be deeper to provide strength. Builders should also consider the height of fence panels when digging post holes.

Builders can use quick-setting or regular concrete to set the fence posts and should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Builders should use a trowel to smooth out the top of the concrete fill, sloping it away from the post to prevent pooling water.