What Are Some Tips on Installing Unfinished Cabinets?


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Tips for installing unfinished cabinets include affixing a ledger board to the wall to provide additional support for the cabinetry during installation and removing the doors of fully assembled cabinets for easier handling prior to mounting. Another tip is to tighten the mounting screws just enough to hold the cabinet in place. Screws that have been over-tightened may be more difficult to remove should the cabinet require adjusting or repositioning.

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To ensure easier sanding and staining, finish cabinets prior to installation. Remove all drawers, doors and hardware before sanding all surfaces. Use a foam brush to apply a light coat of wood conditioner. After the conditioner has dried, sand all surfaces again before applying a coat of wood stain. Allow the wood stain at least six hours to dry and set. After staining the wood, the cabinets will be ready for mounting and assembly.

The process of installing cabinets involves marking reference and layout lines, joining and hanging the upper cabinets, installing the base cabinets and then attaching the doors, pulls and other hardware. Tips for streamlining the installation process may include using mover's pads to protect floors and other surfaces from damage, measuring walls and corners to ensure they are level and straight and installing electrical lines for appliances prior to mounting the cabinets.

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