What Are Some Tips for Installing Trek Composite Decking?


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When installing Trex composite decking, understand that it can be drilled, cut and fastened just like other types of decking. After purchasing Trex decking, store it flat and bundled in an area where the temperature is the same as the area where it is being installed, notes HomeTips.com. When possible, work with Trex decking in the morning when temperatures are lower.

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Composite decking material such as Trex expands and contracts depending on the weather. Working when the weather is cool makes installing this type of decking much easier because heat makes the flooring too pliable.

When making cuts to Trex decking, use a circular saw, power miter saw or table saw. Generally, the fewer teeth the saw has, the better. Cut until the blade begins to heat up, and then take a break to let it cool down to avoid warped cuts. Never use a sander to clean up rough edges on Trex decking. Smooth edges using a hand coping saw.

When installing Trex composite decking, leave at least a quarter-inch gap between decking boards to allow for proper drainage. Also, leave a half-inch gap between the flooring and the walls to allow for expansion in hot weather. When securing the decking to the floor, use composite deck screws, not common wood screws; wood screws tend to bore out the holes, ruining the fit of the decking.

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