What Are Some Tips on Installing Stanley Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

What Are Some Tips on Installing Stanley Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

When installing Stanley sliding wardrobe doors, do not install doors with mirrors in children’s rooms or walk-in wardrobes. Choose doors with the correct dimensions, use the right tools, and request the installation guide from the company if needed.

For safety reasons, avoid installing sliding wardrobe doors with mirrors in children’s bedrooms or walk-in closets. Mirrors pose a major risk to children because they break easily and are attractive sources of amusement. Stanley sliding wardrobe doors come in a variety of materials including glass, which is the ideal replacement for mirrors.

Choosing the wrong door size increases the difficulty and chance of failure of the installation. Stanley sliding wardrobe doors have a standard opening height of 7 feet, 5 inches. These doors, however, come in various widths. Have the measurements for your wardrobe handy when buying the sliding door. If your door requires custom options, place your request on the company’s website.

The main tools needed for this project include a screwdriver, hacksaw, tape measure, electric drills and drill bits. Other tools include a bradawl, spirit level and wall plugs. The ideal set of tools for a specific project depends on the corresponding unique circumstances. For example, you need additional tools when installing on an uneven floor.

Stanley offers free installation guides for its sliding wardrobe doors. The instructions vary with the type of door. Contact the company for a free guide if you don’t have a copy.