What Are Some Tips for Installing PEX Water Pipes?


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Some tips for installing PEX water pipes include joining the end of the PEX pipe to a fitting at an angle of 90 degrees, making the end free of burrs before attaching, using 90-degree connectors to bend the pipe to the required shape, and using stab-in tees to attach the PEX pipes to copper ones. Also, use special tools for connecting PEX pipes, do not connect the pipe directly to a water heater, and leave the pipe loose between fasteners.

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Connecting the end of a PEX pipe perpendicular to a fitting ensures that the attachment is secure and leak-free. For the same reason, the end of the PEX pipe should be made burr-free using a pocket knife or a saw before connecting to the fitting. Deburring the pipe end makes it smooth.

Using 90-degree connectors to bend a PEX pipe prevents depression of the pipe and resultant reduction in water flow. Use a crimp ring or a cinch clamp tool to tighten the crimp ring or the clamp when connecting a PEX pipe, and a special tube cutter to cut it.

Connecting a PEX pipe to an existing copper one using a stab-in tee eliminates the need for soldering the joint. Alternatively, join the tee to a PEX adapter by soldering it, and connect the PEX pipe to the latter. When connecting a PEX pipe to a water heater, include an 18-inch pipe extension from the unit, and join the PEX pipe to it.

Since PEX shifts owing to temperature fluctuations, allow the pipe to rest loosely between fasteners. Also, make the fastener holes large enough to allow the pipe to slide comfortably, and use plastic straps to secure the attachment instead of metal ones.

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