What Are Some Tips for Installing a Pellet Stove Vent?


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Some tips for installing a pellet stove vent include tracing the vent pipe outline onto the wall before installing it, using a stud finder to identify wall studs and wrapping fire proof insulation around the vent. The four types of vent models are sidewall horizontal, horizontal, vertical and existing chimney.

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Decide on the type of pellet stove vent model before attempting to install the vent. The sidewall horizontal method vents the stove through a vent pipe that is placed at a right angle to the stove and the wall. The horizontal venting system is similar to the sidewall horizontal method, however the outside of the pipe is connected to a vertical pipe that vents the fumes upward.

The vertical and existing chimney method vent the fumes out through the roof of the dwelling. They differ in that the vertical venting method uses a pipe vent that is connected directly to the pellet stove while the existing chimney method vents the fumes through an already present chimney.

Trace the vent pipe outline onto the wall to make it easier to fit and cut the hole for the vent. However, it is best to check the location of the wall studs before tracing the outline so that the pipe does not need to be relocated. Finally, wrap the section of pipe that passes through the wall in fire proof insulation to avoid the possibility of the hot pipe vent damaging the wall or causing a fire.

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