What Are Some Tips for Installing Patio Stepping Stones?


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Walking out the desired path, tracing the ground along the stone's edges, slicing deeply into the grass and levelling the stones with sand are some tips for installing patio stepping stones, recommends Lowes. Also, lift the stones with your legs to avoid injury and check for underground utilities before beginning.

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For the first step, tentatively place the stones along a well travelled part of the path, reducing wear on the grass. Rearrange them as needed, making sure that steps center on the stones with normal strides. For the second step, use a sharp, long-handled spade to trace the stone's exact shape in the desired spot. Thirdly, remove the grass by slicing deep enough to get below the roots.

Next, push a spade under the turf to lift it out. Lastly, add builder's sand on the holes to level them out, making sure that the stones sit slightly above the ground's surface. This leaves room for the stones to settle and become flush with the ground.

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