What Are Some Tips for Installing a New Roof?


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Tips for installing a new roof include finding several uninterrupted days with favorable weather to complete the job, protecting the landscaping surrounding the home, installing a water barrier and using proper nailing techniques. The job takes a lot of time and effort, so enlist the help of others so you minimize the time of exposure of an uncovered deck.

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Tearing off roofing materials can damage valuable landscaping. Use tarps to cover shrubs and the lawn. The tarps make it easier to ensure you do not leave nails on the ground from tearing off the roof. Contact the local garbage disposal company about renting a container for the used roofing materials.

Most roofing materials manufacturers recommend installing a water barrier under their shingles. Roofing felt is a good choice for many shingles. This barrier improves the chances of installing a new roof that does not leak.

When nailing shingles, keep the nails between the sealing strip and the exposed area of the shingle. The minimum spacing between the nail and edge of the shingle is 1 inch. Install nails so the nailhead is flat with the surface of the shingle, and do allow the nail to break the surface of the roofing. Remove any crocked or overdriven nails, and repair the damage with roofing cement before proceeding.

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