What Are Some Tips for Installing a New Door or Window?


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Tips for installing new doors and windows include ensuring all materials and finished installations can resist water infiltration effectively. Deflection, drying, drainage and durability are all important concerns for ensuring doors and windows do not leak.

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Taking measurements of the rough opening is the first step when installing doors or windows. Cutting tapered filler strips from stud stock and mounting them to the sides of the opening can ensure a level installation. Installing strips of self-adhering waterproof membrane along the frame offers protection against water infiltration. Install windows by placing the bottom of the sill along the rough opening before tipping the window into place and mounting it to the frame with nailing fins.

Take multiple measurements of the frame with a carpenter's level. Measuring the frame diagonally from corner to corner ensures that it is square. Using expanding polyurethane foam, fiberglass insulation or caulk to seal the frame prevents leaks and drafts. Inspect doorjambs to ensure they are flush with the finished wall surfaces on both sides before mounting the hinge jamb to the rough opening. A tip for installing doors is to mount doorjamb screws behind the hinges by removing one screw at a time from the hinges and installing a drywall screw through the hinge and into the frame.

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