What Are Some Tips for Installing a Kitchen Sink Drain?


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Tips for installing a kitchen sink drain include turning off the water before starting the job, catching any water in existing traps when removing them by placing a shallow pan under them, cutting the new pieces to fit and hand tightening the pieces to ensure a proper fit. Polyvinyl chloride drains are easier to work with than older metal drains.

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Prevent accidental spills by turning off the water supply lines. Turn the valve in a clockwise direction to shut off the water. Place a dishpan or other shallow container on the bottom floor of the cabinet, and loosen the existing slip nuts. The trap is full of water, so use caution when removing it.

The pipe that connects to the sink basket is the tailpiece. If it extends below the bottom of the exit drain in the wall, use a hacksaw to trim it shorter. Clean any burrs from the pipe before installing it. Place a slip-joint nut over the pipe, and connect it to the sink strainer. Connect the straight pipe to the wall pipe using a slip-joint nut and washer, cutting the pipe if necessary.

Place slip-joint nuts and washers on both ends of the trap. Install it to connect the tailpiece and the straight pipe, making adjustments if necessary. Once all the pieces are in place, tighten the nuts according to the manufacturer's directions.

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