What Are Some Tips for Installing Hinges?


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When installing hinges, use steel woodscrews, and secure hinges with only one screw before inspecting and assessing the positioning of the door. Installations often require putting on and taking off doors multiple times and steel woodscrews are less likely to break. Use steel screws to drill pilot holes before replacing them with brass screws.

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Select the right type of hinge before beginning installation. Hinges are typically designed to be reversible, which allows mounting of either end in an upright position. Left- or right-sided hinges may not be reversible and different hinges are necessary depending on the direction in which the door opens. Regardless of the type of hinges in use, making accurate measurements and ensuring proper clearance between surfaces is of paramount importance.

Hinges are typically recessed by the thickness of the hinge leaf. Run a butt marker along the edge of the door or jamb to make cut marks at the desired depth. Using a pen knife or scratch awl allows you to mark much sharper lines. Hinges are commonly recessed far enough so the cutouts in the hinge are flush with the door or jamb surface. Check the alignment, position and operation of recessed hinges prior to mounting.

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