What Are Some Tips for Installing Hardwood on Stairs?


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When installing hardwood on stairs, begin by measuring all the risers separately. If the risers have different lengths, cut out a tread that is 3/4 inch longer than the longest riser, place it against the stair, and use a compass to determine the correct length of the riser and to make marks on the board. Use a jigsaw to cut the board to that size, and repeat this process with other risers.

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Locate stringers on the surface of the stairs where risers are going to be attached; there should be two stringers on both ends of each stair and one in the middle. Attach the risers by nailing them in place with flooring nails. Make sure to only put nails in the stringers; there should be two nails in each stringer. It is best to use boards with one rounded edge for treads. Cut all the treads to be one inch wider than the width of the stairs, place them on the stairs, and trim the treads the way you trimmed the risers.

After that, apply some construction adhesive to where the treads are going to attach, set them in place, and remove all the excess adhesive. Secure the treads with flooring nails, placing them in the stringers. After the adhesive dries, sand the hardwood surface, and clean the dust. Apply some stain and finish on the surface.

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