What Are Some Tips for Installing Gutters?


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To install gutters, first figure out how the gutters should channel the water. Take the required measurements along the edges of the roof. Add approximately 10 percent to the measurement to cater for wastage.

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Starting from the roof away from the downspout location, measure and mark a 1/4-inch slope for all gutters to provide a good drainage. Use a line level attached to a string to ensure all the marks are on the same level. Depending on the shape of the roof, note the turns or elbows on each end and measure the straight sides by holding the elbows in place.

Ensure the gutter portion is of required length by cutting it down using heavy-duty tin snips. Use a power drill with a screwdriver bit to fix rust resistant screws to mount the gutters. Drive in the screws in brackets that are located 6 inches from every endpoint of the gutter. Make the downspout ready by marking the location and cutting a square hole under the gutter. Smooth the edges after marking the punch mark in all the corners.

Connect gutters to the roof space by screwing through the brackets and fix the downspout ensuring the tapered end is facing downward. Use wooden spacers for the downspout, and fix them using aluminum straps and secure them using screws. Strengthen the joint by applying sealant from the inner side. Give it enough time to dry. Carry out a test on the gutters to ensure there are no leakages especially at the joints.

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