What Are Some Tips for Installing a Granite Counter Top?

One tip for installing granite countertops is ordering pieces that are already cut to size. Cutting, edging and shaping materials can be challenging for those who lack the proper tools and skills. Purchasing pre-cut pieces can also ensure a quicker and easier installation. Another tip is to fill and polish all seams once installation is complete.

Before installing granite countertops, pull the stove and refrigerator away from the counters, and remove the sink. Tape cardboard or paper around cabinet fronts to protect them from harm during installation, and double check that all measurements to ensure dimensions are accurate. Another tip is to use templates for calculating any cuts needed to accommodate sinks and range tops. The dimensions of the backsplash must be accounted for when making measurements or ordering materials.

Countertops often have at least one seam because materials are typically come in slabs less than 10 feet in length. When possible, position seams over areas of the cabinet that are well supported. Use shims to ensure surfaces are flush and apply silicone between two slaps so that the materials natural expansion or contraction does not create problems. When joining multiple sections, mix epoxy with colored resin to match the appearance of the countertop.