What Are Some Tips for Installing GFCI Outlet Wiring?


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When installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet wiring, turn off the power, remove the cover plate, remove the wires, strip the ground and neutral wires and attach the GFCI. Attach the neutral wire, push the wires back into the box, replace the cover plate and turn the power back into the circuit.

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Remove the existing outlet's mounting screws and disconnect the wires. Prepare the wires to connect the new GFCI by making sure that they are straight and cutting them if necessary. Remove a portion of the insulation to expose the copper conductor. To identify the line wires, pull them out of the wall box and position them so that they are far from each other and do not come in contact with each other. Restore power and place the black probe of a voltage tester on the bare copper ground wire, with the red probe on each black wire until the tester glows, indicating the wire that will connect to the brass screw terminal.

With the red probe on the black wire, place the black probe on each white wire until the tester glows again, indicating the wire that will connect to the silver screw terminal. Switch the power off, unscrew the new GFCI's terminal screws, connect the wires into the appropriate screws and tighten them. Insert the ground wire into the green ground screw, carefully bend the wires and set the GFCI box back into the wall. To test the wiring, turn the power on and plug a lamp into the outlet. Press the black button to shut off power and pop the red button. Restore power by pressing the red button again.

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