What Are Some Tips for Installing Garage Door Springs?


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When installing garage door springs, be very careful, as it is not an easy DIY project. It also helps to know about the different types of garage door springs, know how safety cables for springs work, and check the condition of the spring brackets.

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The two main types of garage door springs are extension springs and torsion springs. Extension springs go above the top tracks of the door on both sides. The torsion springs are attached above the garage door when it is closed. Check the condition of both types of springs to find out which ones need to be replaced. It is often recommended that all springs are replaced at once, but if the torsion springs are recent, it may be just the extension springs that are worn out.

Since garage door springs are wound so tightly, the strong tension makes this a dangerous DIY project. Only attempt this if you are comfortable handling them and are unable to contact a professional garage door repair professional. Before replacing them, make sure they don't just need some lubricant oil or a slight adjustment. This is often the case when they are squeaking but not actually showing signs of wear or breakage.

Safety cables must be installed to help prevent injury. These are in place just in case the extension springs snap. When inspecting the springs, if safety cables are not found on either side of the door or attached to the ceiling, call a professional, as it is more dangerous without the cables.

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