What Are Some Tips for Installing a Garage Door?


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To install a garage door, first identify the correct location of the door. Take the appropriate measurements that need to be used for the door. Consider both the length and the width of the door opening, the approximate total area of the garage, and the head room that gives enough space. Place the bottom side of the new door, and fix the hinges and the lift handles to it.

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Put the bottom piece in the door, and level it out to set the piece appropriately. Gently tap nail to every joint, and slant them at an angle to tighten them. Put aside the curved, vertical and horizontal pieces of the track as per the manufacturer guidelines.

Put the second panel in a way that it overlaps with the first one, and secure it firmly by driving in the nails using a hammer. Add more panels until they are up to the required number using the same procedure.

Make sure every piece is well-supported to the doorjamb, and fix the hinges as required.

Fix the rollers in the areas they are needed to support, and tighten the brackets. Place the curved and the horizontal pieces once the vertical track is firmly tightened against the jamb. Confirm the tracks leveled are and parallel by lifting the door a few inches. Lift the door fully, and fix the springs to the pulley system.

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