What Are Some Tips for Installing Front Storm Doors?

When installing a storm door, size the door correctly, fasten the rails and brackets tightly, and adjust the door sweep before finishing. The installation of a storm door only takes about an hour and requires only a few tools such as a drill, screwdriver and 1/8-inch diameter drill bit.

Sizing the door is important, so be sure to focus on measuring the width at the bottom, middle and top, and the height at the center. After buying the right size door, put it in place and drill the pilot holes into the rail and the face of the casing before putting screws in to hold the door.

Drill more holes into the edge of the casing on the hinge side and place the screws in to hold the door before removing the spacer clips and installing the door latch. The next step is to install the brackets and the closer. The arm of the pneumatic closer must extend as far as possible before it connects to the brackets. The final steps are to adjust the door sweep, so the door closes and seals correctly, press the retainer strips into the frame, and lay a bead of sealant to finish up.