What Are Some Tips for Installing a Frameless Shower?


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One tip for installing a frameless shower is to handle the glass door carefully to prevent damage. Tempered glass doors that come in contact with tile, marble or metal may scratch or mar the surface. Another tip is to wait a full day after taping down the shower shims before continuing the installation process. Allow glass doors to reach room temperature before installation.

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Frameless showers require thicker glass and higher-quality hardware than conventional showers. Installation consists of measuring and marking the enclosure before drilling holes for the connecting hardware. Installation tips include using an assistant to hold the door when marking and installing hinges as well as marking around screws to ensure accurate drilling.

Use an appropriate wall covering to protect tile surfaces when drilling, and spray diamond tipped drill bits with water continuously to ensure proper cooling. Clean drill holes using a shop vac, and then install the plastic anchors that support the door hinges. Use a hammer and chisel to trim any anchors that protrude beyond the wall. Inspect the door after mounting to ensure level and centered positioning. Wait at least two days after installation to use the shower, and check to ensure hinge screws are tight and secure.

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