What Are Some Tips for Installing a Flagstone Patio?


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To install a flagstone patio successfully, select a level ground for the installation and have a helper nearby. Install the patio on slightly sloping ground if the installation location is near a house. For easy installation, utilize dry construction, which involves installing the flagstone patio in sand. Wet construction, which is the laying of the flagstone patio over concrete, is suitable when installing a more permanent patio.

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Installing the flagstone patio on level ground results in a patio that is level after the process. The installer should use a carpenter's level to determine if the surface is level. The helper is handy mostly when installing a large flagstone patio and helps in screeding. As the installer guides the screed on one side, the helper does similar work on the opposite side of the screed, saving the installer the trouble of doing double work.

Although the flagstone patio should be on a level surface when it is located far from a house, installing it on a slightly sloping ground when its location is near the house facilitates drainage. The highest point of the slope should be closest to the house, and the level of the slope should reduce in the direction away from the house.

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