What Are Some Tips for Installing a Driveway Monitor Alert System?


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Tips for installing a driveway monitor alert system include avoiding connecting the unit to the standard alarm system, choosing a wireless system and testing the unit before installing it. Because the monitor is positioned separate from the home, pets, cars and yard debris can activate it. This can lead to many false alarms, which increase the cost of operating the standard home system.

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For driveway entries close enough to the home to operate a wireless system, installation is much easier, since these units don't require digging trenches or stringing overhead wires from the infrared motion detectors to the receiver. Some inexpensive units have a range of up to 400 feet. The landscaping, construction of the home and location of the receiver can reduce this range substantially.

Many factors affect the operation of the units, and they don't always match the specifications on the box. Homeowners should test the unit before installing it and make a final test after installation. They should test the infrared detector to ensure its range covers the entire width of the driveway. Testing the receiver with an assistant once it is inside the home is also essential. Using the results from the initial test, the installer can make better decisions about the final placement of the devices in the system.

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