What Are Some Tips for Installing Curtain Rods?


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Tips for installing curtain rods include selecting rods and hardware that withstand the weight of curtains and drapes, and installing curtain rods and draperies near the ceiling to make the room feel taller. Select a double curtain rod when hanging curtains along with inner sheets, and use a return rod to avoid gaps between curtains that may allow unwanted sunlight to enter a room.

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Measure the width of a window before installing a curtain rod. Wall-mounted rods should have 1 to 3 additional inches on either side of the window in order to accommodate open curtains. Rods may also protrude up to 6 inches past the window frame to create the illusion of larger windows. Wall-mounted rods are typically installed 4 inches above the window, although ideal placement may vary depending on tastes and environmental needs.

Hang curtains that graze the floor to create a classic tailored look and allow 6 to 8 inches of extra fabric in order to allow curtains to puddle and create a more formal style. Measure and mark the wall with a pencil before installing brackets. Use plastic wall anchors to provide additional support for heavier rods and curtains and consider the use of a center support to prevent sagging for curtain rods that are longer than 4 feet.

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