What Are Some Tips for Installing Corner Shelving?


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To install corner shelving, measure the room’s corner and determine the correct length for the shelving. Saw the wooden boards, and cut the angled shelf ends. Assemble the shelves, and mount them on the wall.

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Use a stud finder to locate stud holes and mark them clearly. Drill holes for mounting screws on each of the stud marks. Measure the length of shelf boards using a tape measure and carpenter’s square. Saw the wooden boards at a 45-degree angle. Hold the corner shelves against the wall, and drill holes based on the stud locations.

Sand the shelf surfaces and edges lightly to eliminate blemishes and marks. Apply a water-based wood stain with a clean, lint-free cloth. Stain the top, bottom, sides and edges of the shelves. Allow the stain to dry completely, and apply a second coat. Apply three coats of clear polyurethane, and allow each coat to dry thoroughly.

Cut a piece of ledger board to the length of the open end of the shelves. Drill pilot holes on the ledger board and, screw it through the wall and into the studs. Apply adhesive to the back of shelves and push the shelves onto the ledger board. Secure the shelves to the ledger board with screws and allow for the glue to dry completely.

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