What Are Some Tips for Installing Concrete Stairs?


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One tip for installing concrete stairs is to use an online stair calculator to determine the necessary dimensions for the stair base and to create a diagram. Use scrap or low-grade lumber for the stair base, and mix the wet concrete by hand to cut down on overall cost. Alternatively, use a cement mixer to lessen the labor of the project.

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Once the stair base is complete and the cement mixed according to the manufacturer's directions, pour the cement by filling one step at a time, starting with the bottom step. Make sure the concrete is level and avoid air bubbles by using a rod or a spade.

Use a screed board or a wooden plank to ensure a level surface. Pass it over the level edge of the stair base frame as a guide. Gently rock the screed board back and forth to remove excess concrete. Achieve a finer and less bubbly finish by using a steel trowel.

It is important to allow concrete steps to cure properly. Curing is a week-long process in which the concrete must be kept damp. First, spray the concrete with a curing compound, and then wrap it tightly in either plastic or burlap.

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