What Are Some Tips for Installing a Commercial Door?


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One tip for installing a commercial door is to use door jamb clips on door openings wider than 30 inches. Openings that are taller than 7 feet may require additional clips on either side of the frame. Another tip is to anchor drywall frames using compression anchors and to use wire anchors to secure masonry frames.

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When installing a steel door frame to a dry-walled opening, remove sections of the drywall at the sides of the opening and attach jamb clips to the framing. Install a steel trimmer on both sides of the opening for an installation that requires the removal of a section of wall. Obtain a door frame based on the thickness of the finished wall.

Ensure proper positioning and leveling of the trimmer. Insert jamb clips into the back of the steel frame, positioning the lower clips 4 inches from the bottom and positioning the uppermost clips 6 inches below the head piece. Place the frame within the opening, and center the sides at the trimmers. Use driving pan screws to secure the jamb clips at the hinge. Use two screws for each clip; use three clips when installing jambs wider than 6 inches. Remove the temporary corner braces from the frame after installing the drywall.

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