What Are Some Tips for Installing a Cheap Irrigation System?


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To install a cheap irrigation system such as drip irrigation, plan and design a drip system, select a method to start and distribute the water. The drip irrigation system is inexpensive to install and lets homeowners make the most of their available water to maintain plants.

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Designing an irrigation system helps determine the plants and the area where a homeowner plans to install the system. Planning involves creating a plant list to note the location of each plant and group the plants depending on the watering needs and the exposure to sun or shade area. A plan should also consider the type of soil available.

There are three start methods appropriate for drip application: faucet connection, irrigation valve connection and retrofitting an existing sprinkler system riser. Choosing wisely the method to use is paramount because every method applies to a particular size of land, plants, garden design and availability of water in the outlets.

The drip application distributes water using the hose pipe, which connects to a water source and is positioned in the garden. The hose length can be cut to a suitable length using a pipe cutter. A hole punch is helpful for making holes for emitters at strategic places in the garden, and a goof plug is necessary for sealing holes punched in the incorrect spot.

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