What Are Some Tips for Installing Carpet on a Stairway?


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The process of installing carpet on a stairway consists of installation of the carpet padding, securing the carpeting to the top step, and fastening the runner or carpeting to each lower step. Fasten the carpeting to the stairs using either staples or laying out tackless strips. Installation often requires special tools such as a knee kicker or stair tool.

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Before beginning the installation, measure and cut carpet pieces and mark the location to place the runner on each step. Cut pieces of padding and fit them to each step, using a hammer stapler to secure them in place. Roll the carpet and place it above the top step before pulling the end of the roll towards the bottom of the stairs. Leave some slack in the carpet and ensure the roll is centered before beginning the installation.

Staple the carpet along the bottom edge of the step, where the riser meets meats the floor. Gently wiggle the head of each stable between the carpet fibers so that it remains hidden. Pull the carpet tight and staple along the top of the riser where it meets the tread of the stair. Use a knee kicker to remove any excess slack from the carpet and use a stair tool to wedge the carpet into place along the corner between the tread and riser.

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