What Are Some Tips for Installing Border Fences?


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Tips for installing border fences include knowing the property lines, obtaining any necessary permits, observing building codes, and placing the best side of the fence facing toward the neighbors or street. When you build a fence, you also assume the responsibility of its maintenance.

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Before installing a fence, it is essential to know the property lines. Fences that extend an inch over the property line are often the cause of neighbor disputes and lawsuits. If you are unsure of the lines, have a surveyor mark them before installing a new fence.

Many municipalities require a building permit to install a fence. Without the permit, the building authority can require the removal of a fence. Building codes sometimes specify the maximum height and other fencing details. If the property is governed by a homeowner's association, check to see if there are fencing requirements.

Installing the fence with the best side facing away from your home is customary. If you want a more finished look that hides the posts, consider a good-neighbor fence that is finished on both side with alternating fence boards. If the fence is on your property, you are responsible to maintain both sides of it. If panels begin to lean or boards start to decay, repair or replace them.

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