What Are Some Tips for Installing Bathroom Vinyl Flooring?


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When installing vinyl flooring in the bathroom, add a few inches to the bathroom’s dimensions when figuring the amount of vinyl flooring needed. This allows the material to be cut, trimmed and centered within the room. The subfloor must be completely smooth before the vinyl may be applied.

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Fill in holes in the subfloor with a patching compound using a small trowel. Allow the compound to settle a few hours before laying the vinyl. Lay the vinyl flooring in the room, and mark excess areas to be trimmed. Cut the vinyl using a utility knife or shears. Temporarily reinforce cut corners with masking tape to protect the vinyl from tearing. Roll out and tape craft paper to the subfloor. By using double-sided tape, the vinyl may be rolled over the craft paper. Spread adhesive material by using a fine-notched trowel along the edge of the wall. Use a hand roller or block of wood wrapped in a cloth to seat the flooring.

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