What Are Some Tips for Installing Bathroom Porcelain Tile?


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Some tips for installing bathroom porcelain tile are to make sure that every surface to be tiled is scrupulously clean, smooth, level and stable. All fixtures should be removed before the tiles are installed, and moldings and trim should also be taken out.

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Thinset mortar should be spread over the surface with a notched trowel the day before the tile is placed. When the mortar is applied this way, the resulting grooves hold the tile more firmly in place. A coarse sanding sponge is a good tool to use for cleaning up after applying thinset.

The homeowner should be careful to choose the right porcelain tile depending on whether he's using it for the wall or the floor. Wall tiles are not tough enough to be used on the floor. The homeowner should use latex tile mastic specifically made for use in the bathroom as an adhesive. He should use it sparingly as he lays the tile so that it doesn't dry out.

The choice of grout is also important. Grout can be colored to better match the tiles. Some manufacturers add chemicals to grout to make it more water-repellent, and unsanded grout is best to use with glazed porcelain. Grout should be left to dry for at least 24 hours.

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