What Are Some Tips for Installing Bathroom Door Locks?


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Tips for installing bathroom door locks include beginning with the right tools, choosing a door knob that fits the existing door and has a privacy lock, and ensuring all pegs and screw holes align when attaching the handles to the cylinders so that the knob and locking mechanisms function properly. Gather all required materials before beginning installation, including the door handle hardware, screws and screwdriver, and install the latch first, before the knob or lever.

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Another tip is to ensure the beveled side of the latch is facing the door jamb. This allows the latch to push itself back automatically when the door is closed, instead of having to turn the handle each time someone wants to close the bathroom door. Next, install the face plate. Most doors have a space designated for the face plate; if the door does not, use a chisel to remove some wood. The face plate should sit flush to the door.

Always double check that the locking mechanism is on the inside of the bathroom door before screwing the doorknobs or levers into place. Carefully line up the strike plate to the knob before installing it on the door jamb, as this is what allows the mechanism to lock.

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