What Are Some Tips for Installing Armstrong Ceiling Planks?


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Different ceiling plank systems have different configurations and installation guidelines, so one tip is to follow manufacturer's guidelines when installing. Choose specific systems to match the ceiling's specifications, such as the Easy Up configuration, which is designed to quickly attach to existing ceiling joists.

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Before installation, make sure the joists are durable enough to withstand the weight, especially for additional decorative fixtures on top of the planks. Attach the clips to the joist's fixtures, and test their security by tapping and jostling the planks after. If there are structural faults, the planks may shake or show signs of weakness. If using adhesive planks and installation systems, follow the instructions carefully to make sure that the planks fit and do not falter, as improper curing may cause damage to the surface beneath the planks.

Arrange the planks according to the most decorative and efficient ceiling cover style. The planks work with joists arranged in rows or tiles, depending on the system's configuration, and creative arrangements can set up planks into a variety of mosaic patterns and styles. When installing the systems, wear safety goggles and protective gloves, as sometimes dust and debris from the ceiling may fall and cause damage to the property or the body.

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