What Are Some Tips for Improving Slope Water Yard Drainage?


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French drains, drainage swales and underground PVC systems can all be used to direct water away from your house, or to improve drainage in certain areas of your yard. Each of these tools can be used individually, or in combination, in order to direct water to the desired location.

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French drain systems typically involve digging a trench along the foundation of a house, or in a low-lying area that collects water. This trench is then lined with landscape fabric, and perforated PVC pipe is placed inside. Crushed stone is placed on all sides of the pipe and then topped with landscape fabric.

At this point, the trench can be topped with additional crushed stone or top soil. If top soil is chosen, grass can be planted. The PVC collects water and directs it to the area that the trench ends. It is important that the trench be pitched downhill, or water becomes stagnant. The end of the PVC can lead to a dry well, a drainage swale, or be dumped in any other convenient place.

Drainage swales alone are a less expensive option for directing water away from undesirable areas, because they do not require any additional materials. Drainage swales are simply low-lying areas of land that can be designed to direct runoff. They can be created simply by changing the grade of the ground to direct water into the desired area.

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