What Are Some Tips for Identifying Plants?


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Go Botany offers some great tools and tips that can help identify many different types of plants. The website has a key to identify the plant in question. The key starts by asking you to group your plant into one of six categories based on broad characteristics of the plant. Each category includes several photos, which you can use to ensure that your plant fits the category.

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What Are Some Tips for Identifying Plants?
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Each broad category also includes a key characteristics section, an exceptions section and a link to watch a video about plants included in the category. Once you are sure that the plant you are attempting to identify fits into one of the six categories, click the "My Plant Is In This Group icon, which takes you to a subgroup page for further identification.

The subgroup identification page is much like the first group identification page; it also includes pictures, information and a link to a video. Once you find a subgroup that the plant in question falls into, click the My Plant Is In This Subgroup link to be redirected to a page with a list of results of potential matches for the plant. The potential matches can be viewed as a list of species names or a list of pictures. Click on any of the potential matches to be redirected to the species page.

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