What Are Some Tips for Identifying Houseplants?

What Are Some Tips for Identifying Houseplants?

Identify houseplants by comparing them to photographs of common varieties on Houseplant411.com, Guide-to-Houseplants.com or DavesGarden.com or by identifying their characteristics with an online tool, such as the one on GoBotany.NewEnglandWild.org. Alternatively, take the plant or a photograph of it into a local nursery, and ask an expert to identify it.

Click the Popular Houseplants tab near the top of the main page on Houseplants411.com for an alphabetized list of identified common houseplants along with photos and other details, and compare these with your plant specimen. Alternatively, click the Ask Judy tab; the site owner offers to identify plants for people who email a photo.

On Guide-to-Houseplants.com, select a descriptive category on the left side of the main page, such as Flowering Houseplants, Tropical Houseplants or Terrarium Plants, to display photos of identified common houseplants to compare with your specimen.

DavesGarden.com bills itself as the largest plant database in the world. Click the Guides and Information tab near the top of the main page, and then click the PlantFiles link to access names, photos and descriptions of various houseplants, which you can compare with your specimen.

On GoBotany.NewEnglandWild.org, click the Learn More button in the Advanced ID Tools section to begin a step-by-step process of identifying any of 3,000 plants species, including many houseplants.