What Are Some Tips for Identifying Flowers?


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The key factors in identifying flowers are number of seeds, habitat, number and shape of leaves, and whether the flowers are singular or bunched. Other important factors include the color and number of flower petals.

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Flowering plants are divided into two categories: monocots and dicots. The cotyledon is the bulk of the seed in a flower. Flowers that are monocots have one cotyledon, such as a banana, for example. Flowers that are dicots have two, such as peas.

An important factor to consider when identifying a flower is where the flower resides. Determining whether the flower resides in a wooded area, water or a non-wooded area narrows the possible flower identities. Also, consider the geographical region of the flower, as many flowers can exist only in certain parts of the world.

Another factor to consider in flower identification is the number and shape of leaves. Note whether the leaves are connected or freestanding. Similarly, consider whether the flowers of the plant are freestanding or bunched together. Color and number of flower petals are two other things to keep in mind when identifying a flower. In monocots, flower petals occur in multiples of three. In dicots, petals occur in multiples of four or five.

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