What Are Some Tips for Identifying Different Types of Grass?


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Some tips for identifying different types of grass include understanding the local climate, looking at the youngest grass leaves and looking at how the grass grows. It is also important to look at the entire grass plant, and if still requiring assistance, reach out to a lawn care professional.

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Knowing the type of grass that grows in a particular area makes it easier to use the other methods, as the choices have limits depending on what grows in a particular area. Another way to determine the type of grass is to look at the youngest leaves. The arrangement of these leaves, or the vernation, has either a roll or a fold in the bud. The roll or fold can help to narrow down choices. For instance, Kentucky bluegrass is a roll, and ryegrass is a fold.

It is also possible to identify a grass type by looking at how it grows. If the grass bunches together, it is a sign that the grass is on one species of grass, such as fescues, and if it creeps out, it may be part of the centipedegrass family. Grasses that creep out and have rhizomes may include Bahiagrass, and if there is a combination of these styles, it may be Zoysiagrass. If the grass is still unidentifiable, it is best to speak with a professional landscaper.

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