What Are Some Tips for Identifying Different Flowers?


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Some tips for identifying different flowers include observing the shape, size and color of the flower, as well as the month in which it blooms. Note the cluster type, leaf shape and plant type to identify blooms. Observing reproductive parts and how a flower is pollinated also helps with identification.

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To identify flowers, record how long blooms last and what types of insects or animals visit the plant, as well as when it blooms. Take several pictures of the flower from different perspectives. To determine whether a flower is complete or incomplete, count sepals, petals, stamens and pistils from the outside-bottom of the bloom to the center. Complete flowers have four groups of parts arranged in whorls.

It also helps to determine whether a flower is perfect or imperfect. Perfect flowers have two groups of parts within the petal ring, and they have both pistils and stamens, meaning they are androgynous. If a unisexual flower is pistillate, it is female, and if it is staminate, it is male. Count the number of petals on a flower to identify it as a dicot or a monocot. Dicot flower petals generally occur in multiples of four or five, and monocots usually grow petals in multiples of three.

Another tip for identifying flowers is to observe whether the leaves are smooth, lobed, toothed, divided or mixed. It also helps to determine whether the plants bear individual flowers, rounded clusters, elongate clusters or flat clusters.

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