What Are Some Tips for Hydroseeding a Lawn?


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To successfully hydroseed a lawn, prepare the area as you would prepare for conventional sod. After spraying, keep the lawn wet for two weeks, and do not walk on or touch the hydroseeded area for two to three weeks.

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When hydroseeding a lawn, first test the soil, grade the lawn area, roll over it and use a rototiller. Hydroseeding slurry is a mixture of water, seed, fertilizer, cellulose fiber or wood mulch, and other soil-treating agents. Spray this mixture in an even layer over the soil immediately before the prime grass growing season in your region.

Keep the hydroseeded area wet for the first two weeks by sprinkling it with water at least two to three times a day, tapering down to one to two sprinklings a day in the third and fourth week. Puddles must not form on the lawn, as excessive water can drown the grass. Do not walk on the lawn, as touching the mulch or sprouting grass can cause thin or bald patches. Do not allow pets to urinate on the lawn, as ammonia can interfere with germination.

Hydroseeding is very cost-effective, especially for people hoping to seed a large area of land. Hydroseeding professionals often offer discounts on large quantities of hydroseeding slurry.

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