What Are Some Tips for Household Hazardous Waste Disposal?

What Are Some Tips for Household Hazardous Waste Disposal?

Some tips for household hazardous waste disposal include locating a permanent waste collection facility in the area and learning if the area has certain collection days. Also, check if any local businesses act as collection sites or accept donations of electronic items. In addition, read the directions for disposal given on product packaging; some retailers accept certain items, such as car batteries, for exchange.

Some communities have a permanent collection site for collecting household hazardous waste throughout the year. These sites collect unused waste products such as pesticides, cleaning agents, paints and auto products. The facility then recycles the leftover items for reuse or resale.

Instead of a collection site, some localities may have appointed days for collecting the hazardous waste at a particular location. Contact the health, environmental or solid waste service in your locality to know the collection schedule.

Businesses such as garages, auto and computer stores in the locality exchange and recycle waste products such as old computers, motor oil, fuel and battery for replacement ones. Contact a recycling facility to discard nickel-cadmium batteries.

Do not mix leftover hazardous waste with other household waste products to prevent unwanted chemical reactions, which can create an ignition or explosion hazard. Additionally, do not pour hazardous chemicals down the drain or on the ground.