What Are Some Tips for Hot Tub Troubleshooting?


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Hot tub problems often involve water that is cloudy or algae-ridden, or that has a musty or chlorine-like smell. Cleaning the filter often solves problems with cloudy water and may also help with water pressure issues. Shocking the spa with sanitizer removes most odor problems and may correct the water's pH level to get rid of algae. Adjusting the pH level can additionally solve problems with scale and stains.

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Troubleshooting a hot tub helps by pinpointing problems when the spa doesn't heat properly or has issues with jets, water pressure or water quality. While some of these problems require professional repairs, following troubleshooting tips can allow homeowners to fix some problems on their own.

Jets that do not rotate properly can be popped out, cleaned and reinstalled to fix most problems. The homeowner should also clean out the filter skimmer, filter and suction fittings as debris in any of these areas can cause problems with the jets and lead to low water pressure.

One major problem that needs troubleshooting in hot tubs is failure to heat properly. This can be the result of a clogged filter which needs to be cleared. Other tips for heating problems include filling the spa fully, checking the temperature controls and making sure to keep the spa covered when not in use to prevent dissipation of heat. When these types of problems are not solved by troubleshooting, professional repairs may well be required.

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