What Are Some Tips for Home Soundproofing?


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Tips for soundproofing a home include focusing on closing holes between the interior and exterior, and replacing noisy appliances with quieter models. For newer homes or remodeling projects, one soundproofing tip is to add extra layers of padding and insulation under the walls and floors. A less expensive option is to install pads under loud appliances to reduce vibrations and noise pollution. Homeowners can also cut back plumbing noise by wrapping ducts and pipes with duct wrap.

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On an existing home, it is important to focus on plugging the holes that allow noise to come in from outside. Weatherstripping, when applied to the seals around doors and windows, can block a significant amount of noise. For small holes in the window seal, caulk is a less labor-intensive alternative to weatherstripping.

To reduce noise from walls and doors, homeowners can add extra layers of insulation. A sound-dampening underlay between the subfloor and flooring can eliminate floor noise. Hiring a professional to tighten the floor installation can also reduce squeaks and creaks. Spray-foam or blown insulation reduces noise in a room.

During major renovation projects, homeowners can soundproof a room by adding a layer of drywall. In addition, for a temporary soundproofing solution, homeowners can hang large fabric or foam artwork on the wall.

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